About Us

Unicorn Holiday is a travel & leisure company set up by a group of young professionals, which would make your exotic travel dream come true. We are specialized in customized travel solutions for major and offbeat holiday destinations across India and Oversees. Our services would include accommodation, transportation (flight, train, car or bus), sightseeing, guide & other holiday related services. We are specialists in flight reservations/ticketing, hotel reservations, excursions, worldwide airport transfers, destination management / inbound and Outbound tours, pilgrimages Packages , cruises Packages, etc. Our core values are based on the fact that we are passionate about providing exceptionally high value-for-money holidays with utmost professionalism, integrity and honesty.

Diverse Destination

Travelling is an experience and our endeavour at Unicorn Holiday is to offer you a plethora of travel locations wherein you can unwind and rejuvenate yourself. We give utmost priority to our Guest’s needs and design our travel packages accordingly. Explore unknown and unique places worth visiting in your life, a result of research and exploration by our team over a period of time. Unicorn Holiday offers you the unique opportunity to travel to places that are offered exclusively by us! Cherish these memories that will last your lifetime and experience the excitement of being at a location that not many have been to.

Value for money

We are the pioneers in inventing new holiday destinations and travel plans which are affordable that you can find only with us. We are also adept at designing your travel plan to fit into your budget. So, even if you plan in a small budget to travel somewhere, our team is there to assist you in doing so without any hassles. Make your dream come true of travelling to your dream destination or your favorite destination with Unicorn Holiday. We offer varied travel destinations both in India and abroad at attractive prices. You can choose from our different travel destinations and plans enjoy your stay. We ensure that our Guest’s get value for money besides providing them a great travel experience.

Beautiful Places:

For those interested in exploring the beauty of their destination; Unicorn Holiday offers some of the most stunning location for the most memorable travel experience ever. We help our Guest’s fulfill their dreams of an immersive epicurean holiday, inviting them to experience some of the world’s finest destinations at offer.

Passionate travel

Passion is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm or desire for something. For Unicorn Holiday: Simply, it is whatever you want it to be. Whatever drives you to push boundaries, to do something you didn’t think possible? To achieve your travel goals that otherwise would be unattainable. We’re enamored with the idea of travel — getting away, doing something fun and adventurous, seeing cool things, and meeting different people. It all sounds so exciting. But when it comes to actually planning a real trip (something more than visiting Grandma or going to the beach for a week), it’s too easy to find a reason not to go, not to make it happen. We at Unicorn Holiday help your travel passions to come true!!!

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