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Are you Traveling during COVID-19? 

March 25, 2020

Today the whole world is going through a hard moment. As we all know the outbreak of novel coronavirus or COVID-19  has created 2020 a tough year for humans. Everyone is more panicked about knowing the data and information on coronavirus around the world. But at this time we don’t need to panic, only we have to take the accurate preventive measures to stop spreading these diseases by social distancing. To ensure the safety and health of our travelers stay safe, we gathered all the required information you need to know about traveling before and after COVID-19. Here are some practical tips you can do to break the chain of coronavirus.

Coronavirus or COVID-19

According to the WHO reports, it is an infectious disease caused by a virus named novel coronavirus, which causes respiratory illness, showing symptoms of fever, dry cough, shortness of breath and more in severe cases.  It is primarily spread by saliva or discharge from the nose or by sneezing of a virus-infected person. So protect yourself and others by avoiding touching your face and washing your hands with a sanitizer. 

Should I Travel during these times?

Now let’s come to our point! How can we stop the spreading of the disease? Also how we can become a chain breaker!

Our Government has taken necessary actions and preventive measures to control the spread of the coronavirus. So we suggest that during this period avoid unnecessary travel. It has affected more than 190 countries and most of them are going into lockdown and closing all their domestic and international flights and borders. So most countries suspended Tourist visas to and from all countries, it is impossible to travel anyway. 

If you have a travel plan during these days, we strongly recommend not to go, because this worsens the situation. It is better to postpone  So, just be smart by staying at home and cooperating with the Government orders. 

Some Practical Things you can Do!

Personal Hygiene

WHO (World Health Organization) and other Government Health bodies recommend measures to promote personal hygiene and cough etiquette. 

  •     Scrub your hands regularly with soap or a hand sanitizer at least for 20 seconds.
  •     Avoid touching your face
  •     Cover mouth and nose on coughing or sneezing.
  •     Stop smoking and other habits that affect the functioning of the lungs.
  •     Follow social distancing by avoiding unnecessary travel.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is a simple and good idea to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, which means less contact with the people and you. It is important because COVID-19 is mainly spread by person-to-person. The more space is between you and the infected person it is harder to spread the virus. People have been advised to maintain a distance of 2 meters apart from other peoples. 

It is our advice that you follow the above recommendations. If you or your family member shows any symptoms of persistent dry cough and fever, then kindly contact the nearest primary health care provider without delay. Wear medical masks if you have shown any symptoms for you and other’s safety. So let’s fight against this big giant coronavirus by staying at home and be safe.

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